At Reliable 24*7 Logistics we provide multimodal..
It is the quickest way of sending your..
Being the most economical way of..

Who We Are ?

Reliable 24*7 Logistics is an integrated logistics service provider with an extensive network of branches providing Reliable, cost effective, safe and time bound Inland logistic services. We have managed a wide array of port handling, containerized and bulk clearing, and goods held under bond and storage; and have provided various logistics services.
Reliable 24*7 Logistics & Services . is an acknowledged leader which has developed reputation in providing benchmark services in the realm of logistics, shipping, consolidation and customs house brokerage services in Ghana with office in Tema.
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Air Freight

It is the quickest way of sending your shipments, being handled by..

Ocean Freight

Ocean transport is the best alternative for transporting large amounts of freight at..
Amazon Service

Amazon Service

Our first-rate delivery experience brings smiles to our customers' doorsteps. We're increasing the speed of our delivery so we can get any product to any customer, anywhere, anytime. Join us today. We look forward to working with you.

Customer Service

Customer service in logistics is the activities, service actions are provided, acting as added value. The aim is to bring more value than the core service that customers need and bring the most satisfaction to customers. For businesses or business organizations today offer more services to customers besides their main products.
Our Service
We transport goods of any kind, helping you to choose the safest and most efficient method. With the knowledge that every shipment and type of cargo is different, we work with all of the transport options within our reach so that your goods will arrive at their destination in time and with full guarantees. And, of course, at the best price.
Road Freight Transport
We transport your goods by road to any national or international destination. We are specialists in handling special cargoes, and we have our own fleet of trucks.
Air Freight Transport
We provide an urgent air freight service. Using our extensive network of partners, we manage and fly your air freight fast and economically.
Ocean Freight Transport
Reliable 24*7 Logistics transports all kinds of goods between any port of origin and destination. We have wide experience in the handling of ferrous and bulk products.
We offer a complete and professional range of packing the goods. Edges, corners and frames are packed first, and then the whole item is packed..


Cargo Transportation


Air Freight


Ocean Freight


Packaging & Storage
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